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Important Disclaimers

We can work with the company holding one or more mortgages on your home. Our many programs include loan modifications, forbearance-repayment plans, and short sales. One of them may be the solution to your situation.

  • If you direct us to set up a plan, but then fail to carry out that plan by failing to make payments to a lender according to the schedule to which you have agreed, we can present you with other options. However, we will not be held liable for any actions resulting from your non-payment.

  • "Short sale" is a term used to describe a lender agreeing to take less than what is owed as a payoff on a mortgage. If we are able to get your lender to agree to a short sale, the amount of the debt forgiven might become taxable income for you. Alternatively, the lender might ask you to try and repay the balance at zero percent interest. Such an arrangement might also yield the equivalent of taxable income. Your lender will usually disclose this information prior to your agreeing to any changes. However, it is your responsibility to determine your tax liability.

  • In the event that we, an affiliate or any other third party offers to buy your property, the sole responsibility for accepting that offer will rest with you. Success Home Savers incurs no liability or responsibility for the offer or any subsequent sale. The homeowner agrees to indemnify Success Home Savers from any liabilities arising from that transaction.

  • There is no guarantee we will develop and implement a save your home strategy. The ultimate control over whether a strategy can be developed and implemented rests with the home owner and mortgage holders.

  • There is no guarantee that we or any of our affiliates will buy your house.

  • Success Home Savers does not act as a foreclosure consultant and does not provide binding legal advice.

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